Your child’s first visit to a pediatric dentist should take place before their first birthday.

When preparing your child for their first visit to the dentist, try:

  • Reducing the stress by letting them know that the dentist and staff will explain all procedures and answer any questions.
  • Avoid giving any specific details on what’s involved and how long it will take as every child is different and so are dental assessments. For instance, if your 1 year old is being seen by our office for the very first time, simply tell them that the dentist is going to count their teeth.
  • Let them know that you will be in the same room with them.
  • Tell them that all Stellar Kids Dentistry staff members are really good with kids, and they will make their visit at the dentist a fun time.
  • Avoid using words associated with fear, such as “needle,” “pull,” “drill” or “hurt.”
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