Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

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Pediatric Dentist - Trained to work with the kids

They’re specially trained to work with kids

Think of a Pediatric Dentist as the pediatrician of dentistry. They’re here to take care of the oral health of little ones from when they’re babies all the way through their teenage years, even kids who might have special health needs. To get all this important knowledge, they spend 2 to 3 extra years in a special dental training program that’s all about looking after kids’ teeth. And that’s after they’ve finished 4 years of regular dental school!

During their special training, they learn all sorts of things. Like how kids think and feel, how they grow, how to handle dental issues, and even tricky stuff like advanced surgeries. They also learn about the right medicines for kids and how to help those with special needs. It’s like they’re superheroes for children’s smiles!

Fun pediatric dentist

Our dentists are fluent in “kid” and our practice is decorated and filled with fun kid-friendly stuff!

If you’re a parent or caregiver, we bet you know that children aren’t always the most patient or cooperative, right? Well, those extra years of learning that our pediatric dentists go through are what help them be really good at talking to kids in a way that works. They know how to be gentle and friendly, so children feel comfortable and not scared.

We’ve also got some special tools and a place that’s all set up to be nice for kids. For example, at Stellar Kids Dentistry, we have a door that’s just their size! They can choose to go through it on their way to their check-up. And guess what? They can watch their favorite movie while they’re here, and after they’re all done, they can pick out some super cool prizes from our toy tower! It’s all about making things fun and comfy for our little friends.

Dr. Kyle Kirk - Stellar Kids Dentist

A fun, safe atmosphere creates positive feelings about going to the dentist from an early age!

We really don’t want your child to feel worried about going to the dentist (like some grown-ups might be). That’s why we work hard to create an atmosphere that’s joyful, welcoming, easygoing, and fun. When kids learn from a young age that dentists are kind folks who truly care about their mouths and teeth, something magical happens. They tend to grow up with good oral health habits like brushing their teeth and flossing. And guess what? They might even start looking forward to their dentist visits!