What’s the Difference Between a Digital & Regular X-Ray?

Apr 12, 2021

When you hear your little one needs a dental X-ray, it’s normal to feel uneasy about any possible radiation exposure. At Stellar Kids Dentistry, we hear your concerns. That’s why our team has invested in digital X-ray technology. If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Bothell, Lynnwood, or nearby communities, we have three conveniently located offices in Mill Creek, Everett, and Mukilteo, Washington.

What is a dental X-ray?

A dental X-rays is one of the most important tools in dentistry. As your family’s kids’ dentist in Everett, Mukilteo, and Mill Creek, our team uses dental X-rays to examine the underlying structures of your child’s mouth. 

While a visual inspection of your child’s teeth and gums can help identify many potential dental problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease, it doesn’t give your pediatric dentist the full picture. Only a dental X-ray can detect problems lurking beneath the gum line.

What does a dental X-ray show?

Dental X-rays show dentists the underlying bone and tissue that keep your little one’s teeth firmly intact. X-rays can detect:

One major benefit of dental X-rays is that they reveal how your child’s teeth will erupt, which helps when preparing for orthodontics.

How is a digital X-ray different from a traditional X-ray?

Digital X-rays are faster, safer, and more accurate than traditional X-rays in every way. A few benefits of digital X-rays over traditional X-rays include:

More comfortable 

As an adult, you remember sitting in the dentist’s chair only to be met with a large lead gown and several pieces of hard, inflexible paper to bite down on. These are old-school film sensors. You had to bite down on these sensors several times before you could relax.

Fortunately, this isn’t an issue with digital X-rays. At Stellar Kids Dentistry, our dentists use thin, flexible sensors to take highly accurate digital X-rays, so your child can relax during their visit.

Less radiation

Traditional X-rays aren’t just uncomfortable, they also produce about 70% more radiation than conventional radiography. The lead gown was actually meant to protect your body against radiation exposure. With far less radiation exposure, digital X-rays are safer and more effective than ever.

Quicker visit

Digital X-rays take much less time to complete than traditional X-rays, so your child doesn’t have to sit still for as long as they once did.

Clearer images

Digital X-rays use modern technology to produce clear images for accuracy when diagnosing and treating dental conditions. Since the images are stored digitally, your child’s pediatric dentist can zoom in and enhance their X-rays to spot potential areas of concern, like hidden cavities.

More accessible

Another advantage of digital storage is the ability to access your child’s X-rays at any time. The team at Stellar Kids Dentistry can pull up your child’s scans whenever needed and send digital X-rays to outside specialists, such as an orthodontist, within minutes. 

For an experienced pediatric dentist in Everett, Mukilteo, or Mill Creek, call Stellar Kids Dentistry or schedule an appointment online now!