What are Some of the Best Foods to Eat Right after Getting Braces?

Dec 10, 2021

Getting braces put on can be quite the adjustment to make. You start the day off normally and end it with a mouth that is suddenly full of metal. While getting braces put on isn’t generally painful, it can lead to some discomfort, especially in the days that follow. That can make eating a little tricky, so we’re here to help you out with some ideas for things to eat in the immediate aftermath.

Smoothies and Shakes

Once your child has braces, there are some fruits and vegetables that you can’t really eat the same way without potentially damaging your braces, no matter how good they would be for you normally. Fortunately, you can still enjoy your favorites by transforming them into smoothies and protein shakes. This is a great way to enjoy all the nutrition they offer without worrying about bending archwires or popping off brackets.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are nice and soft without being sticky, which makes them a great option for eating with braces. Plus, you can always load them up with things like cheese, butter, and sour cream to make them extra delicious. You can opt to make them using the instant mashed potatoes for guaranteed smoothness or make them with real potatoes instead. Just make sure that if you do this you get the potatoes really soft so you can minimize any lumps that might sneak through. Cutting the potatoes into small pieces, boiling them until they’re really soft, and then using a potato masher or even a mixer can work really well.


Oatmeal is a pretty classic breakfast food. Its soft texture makes it a good choice for people with braces. On its own, it’s pretty bland, though it offers a decent amount of protein and fiber per serving in addition to important vitamins and minerals like manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, folate, and vitamins B1 and B5. You can always add delicious flavor by throwing in things like cinnamon, nutmeg, butter, and brown sugar, fresh berries and soft fruits, and yogurt.

In addition to reducing any discomfort that comes as a result of eating, it’s important to remember to stick to eating softer foods that aren’t likely to get stuck in the braces to reduce their risk of getting damaged. Fortunately, with foods like smoothies, shakes, mashed potatoes, and oatmeal, there are plenty of opportunities to change things up in terms of both taste and nutrition. Just make sure that both teeth and braces are thoroughly cleaned after eating to prevent plaque from building up in the hard to reach areas of the teeth.

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