Tips for Protecting Your Child Athlete’s Teeth

Oct 21, 2022

As a parent, you’re deeply invested in your child’s health and well-being. As the parent of a child who plays sports, you know just how important the finer points of their health are to their ability to participate the way they want in their chosen sport. One of those details you need to consider is how to protect their teeth.

Have Them Use Headgear

Some sports require players to use headgear. Sports like baseball and football are among them. In those cases, the use of headgear is required to play. The use of headgear in other sports, such as biking, may be seen as more optional, at least by your athlete while they’re practicing on their own. Headgear can go a long way towards protecting not only your child’s teeth but also the rest of their face and skull. Make using headgear a requirement, not an option to keep them safe.

Get Them a Mouthguard

Oral injuries often occur when an impact forces the teeth to knock against each other or exert undue amounts of pressure on each other. Wearing a mouthguard provides the teeth with a cushion, reducing both the impact and pressure the teeth have to withstand. Keep in mind that while not all sports require athletes to wear a mouthguard, it’s better to use one anyway. Better to purchase and use a quality mouthguard instead of suffering an oral injury that will require emergency dental care to address.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Teeth are inherently pretty strong, at least as long as they’re healthy. Healthy teeth that have healthy enamel have a lot of strength and can withstand more than teeth that are suffering from decay. Part of the challenge here is that a lot of the snacks and drinks that athletes like to use for quick fuel are high in sugar. That increases the risk of developing tooth decay and weakening the teeth. Encourage your athlete to choose water instead of sugary sports drinks.

Playing sports can be immensely beneficial for children. The challenge is that sports can lead to various injuries, including oral injuries. The health and condition of your child’s teeth impact everything from their ability to enjoy food to their ability to speak clearly and with confidence. Take steps to protect your child athlete’s teeth so that aspect of their health can be as good as possible.

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