New to Laser Dentistry? What You Should Know

Aug 25, 2022

Lasers can be pretty cool, but how many people think they’re cool when they’re up close and personal with one that’s right in their face? If you’re new to laser dentistry, it’s understandable if you feel a little uncomfortable about it. There’s no need though. The lasers used in dentistry are pretty fantastic.

What Dental Lasers Can Be Used For

Dental lasers can be used for all sorts of things. Their intensity can be tuned to appropriate levels for treating lip and tongue ties, soft tissue exposure of unerupted teeth, and canker sores. Lasers have also been used to treat things like tooth decay and gum disease, to take tissue for a biopsy, and to whiten teeth.

Advantages of Lasers in Dentistry

One of the beautiful things about using lasers in dentistry is their ability to be incredibly precise, yet gentle. That can lead to shorter healing times, minimal post-op bleeding and pain, and no need for stitches, which can be a huge relief for parents and kids alike. The precision that dental lasers offer may mean that more of the natural tooth is preserved when they are used to treat tooth decay. Some kids may find that they are more comfortable with a dental laser than a dental drill. Even that element of mental relaxation can mean a much more pleasant treatment experience since your kid may be less anxious about it.

Disadvantages of Lasers in Dentistry

For all their advantages, there are some disadvantages to using lasers in dentistry. If a tooth already has a filling in place, using a laser on it won’t be an option. Dental lasers also can’t be used on large cavities that need to be prepped for a crown or to fill cavities that are between teeth. They also can’t be used to take out silver fillings or bad crowns. While they tend to make procedures less painful, they may not eliminate the need for anesthesia entirely. They can also be more costly, which may be a turnoff.

As with most things, the more you know about laser dentistry, the more comfortable you are likely to be with it. Don’t let initial feelings of wariness put you off of laser dentistry. The benefits it offers make getting to know more about it and getting comfortable with it well worth the effort.

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