My Child Had a Dental Surgery – How Can I Help Them?

May 5, 2022

Surgery can be a big scary word for kids. If we’re being honest, sometimes it’s a scary word for adults too. If your child has just undergone dental surgery, you may be left wondering what you can do to help them, especially if this is something that is new for you too. Fortunately, there are some things you can do.

Comfort Them

It’s normal for kids to feel upset, confused, or disoriented after a dental surgery, especially if they were sedated. Keep calm, offer reassurance as needed, and help them feel positively about the experience. Acknowledge how they are feeling (even if it seems like a strange way to feel to you), and help them find things to feel good about. You could also try distracting them with a favorite movie or activity, depending on the surgery and their condition. Never underestimate the power of a good distraction.

Watch Them

Being sedated can really do a number on your perception of the world around you. Keep a close eye on your child for at least a couple hours after the surgery so you can make sure that they stay safe. Try to avoid putting them on a bed or sofa until the effects of the sedation wear off more, since they’ll be more prone to tumbling off.

Even if all they were given was a local anesthetic, it’s still important to watch your child carefully until it wears off, usually about 2-3 hours later. Children tend to be curious about the part of their face that is numb and are prone to poking, prodding, scratching, sucking, or even chewing on it, which can result in injury.

Offer Food and Drink with Care

When offering food and drink to your child post-surgery, pay attention to the guidelines you were given by the dentist and follow them. There may be certain types of foods that you’ll need to avoid, depending on the procedure. Water and clear juices are usually the best things to start with. Stick with things that are easy on the stomach if your child is feeling nauseated. Soft and colder foods and drinks are generally more comfortable to consume in the aftermath of a dental surgery.

Dental surgery can be tough for kids, but sometimes we don’t realize just how tough they are until they experience challenges. As a parent, you want nothing more than to help your child feel better. The good news is that when you bring your child to Stellar Kids Dentistry, you can feel confident that Dr. Sonu Lamba, Dr. Emily Pham, Dr. Bob Traficante, and Dr. Caroline Shaw all know how important it is to treat every child as if they were their own. They’re in good hands here.

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