Why are kids getting orthodontics earlier?

Jan 22, 2018

Great questions. Orthodontic malocclusion come in many different types. When a child has an orthodontic issue related to their jaw development,  it’s usually best to start management when there it plenty of growth remaining.

Think of your child’s mouth in three dimensions (width, height, depth):

– Width issues include posterior crossbites and narrow palates.
– Height issue can include deep overbites and open bites.
– Depth includes underbites and large overjets.
These issues usually benefit from ‘early’ treatment.  Your child will enjoy a better and more stable long-term result with managing at the appropriate growth stage.  Appropriate timing will also often avoid extractions later.

Other factors include:

– Habits (like thumb sucking) once permanent teeth starting coming in, habit cessation should not be delayed.
– Traumatic occlusion and gum injuries
– Teeth position can also contribute this and is easy to fix.
– Finally, sometimes short and simple orthodontic treatments can significantly improve a child’s smile and boost their self-confidence.
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– Paul Kahlon, DMD