I don’t want X-rays for my child

Jul 29, 2019

Why X-rays anyways?

Periodic dental X-rays are an integral part of a thorough dental examination.  They help show areas of the teeth and mouth that are not clinically visible.  The two main types in pediatric dentistry are Panoramic X-rays (that scan the upper and lower jaws) and intraoral X-rays (that check for cavities and specific problems).

But, isn’t radiation harmful?

As a parent myself, I share the instinct to protect my child from radiation and chemicals that can harm their growing bodies.  The radiation exposure from a set of dental X-rays is very small, about the same as 1 day of natural background or a 2 hour airplane flight.    Yet, countless times, a parent refuses X-rays and tiny easy to manage cavities grow bigger and bigger.

So, what is the right thing to do for my family?

At Stellar Kids, we strongly encourage a baseline set of quality X-rays.  Then, we discuss the appropriate periodicity of future X-rays. This limits radiation exposure, yet ensures your child receives appropriate and timely care.  Together, we’ll ensure your child enjoys the best oral health possible


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– Dr. Paul Kahlon