How to Keep Your Child Entertained in the Waiting Room (without a Tablet)

Dec 17, 2021

Children don’t usually like waiting for much of anything. They just don’t usually have the sort of patience adults do, nor do they really have the same concept of time as adults. That can sometimes lead to some pretty uncomfortable moments, especially for their parents. You don’t want to be handing over a tablet or your phone every time you have to wait though, so what can you do instead?

Story Time

Everyone loves a good story. Stories can be incredibly engaging and a lot of fun to tell and listen to. Depending on your child’s age, you might try bringing favorite books that they can read to themselves (or even to you) or that you can read to them. Take turns telling each other stories. Tell a story together by starting the story yourself and then taking turns telling the next line of the story.

Toys and Games

Toys are a classic go-to for keeping kids entertained. Smaller toys that you can easily fit in your bag and clean if you need to are good choices. There are also a ton of games you can play that don’t require any materials. I Spy and 20 Questions can be great fun. You can also try counting games, like having your child count how many chairs there are or how many things of a certain color they can find. Children can also get a real kick out of copying games. Take turns doing something that the other person has to copy.

Comfort Items

Despite everyone’s best efforts, some people are just downright uncomfortable about going to see the dentist. Having comfort items handy can go a long way towards keeping your child happily entertained. Bring a favorite stuffy or blanket. They could even feature in the story you tell. Sensory items are another great option. Feathers, pieces of ribbon with different textures, and toys that vibrate or glow can be a great distraction and very engaging for little ones.

It can be frustrating to wait to be called back for an appointment, especially when you have a child who just doesn’t have much patience left. Sometimes life happens and unexpected things crop up that can set things back, which can extend a waiting room wait. If you have a plan in place, however, keeping your child entertained will be a breeze. Better still, you’ll get to keep your tablet and phone to yourself.

Time is the one thing you can never get back. Here at Stellar Kids Dentistry, we understand that your time is valuable. Check out our Office Policies to see the measures we’ve put into place to help everyone stay on schedule.