How to Choose a Mouthguard for Your Child

Feb 17, 2022

Playing sports is a part of life for kids all around the world. They’re a great chance to socialize with other kids, learn important life skills, and have fun being active. That doesn’t mean that it’s without risks though. Playing sports is also a good way to run the risk of suffering tooth damage. While there isn’t really a way to get rid of that risk altogether, wearing a mouth guard can help mitigate it. So how do you choose a mouth guard for your child?


Because a mouth guard is something that’s going to go in your child’s mouth, the material it’s made from really does matter. The most important issue is that it’s made from safe materials. There are pretty specific standards for mouth guards, so make sure that the mouth guard you get is from a source you can trust. Aside from safety, make sure its design and materials make it easy to clean. Cleanliness is an important element of safety when it comes to mouth guards, and the easier it is to clean, the more likely it will be kept that way.


Mouth guards come in different sizes. This makes sense, since the mouths of children and adults tend to differ greatly in size. A mouth guard that is too big or too small won’t be comfortable and won’t be able to do its job properly. If your child complains that their mouth guard is too uncomfortable to wear, there’s a good chance that it’s the wrong size.


The mouth guard you choose for your child should be a good fit. This means a few different things. First, it should be appropriate for the sport they’re playing. Second, it shouldn’t interfere with speech. Your child will need to communicate with others clearly. They may not have time to repeat themselves, so it’s crucial that the mouth guard not prevent them from being understood by coaches or teammates. Third, it absolutely must not interfere with your child’s breathing. Mouth breathing is unavoidable when playing sports with any sort of intensity, given the body’s increased need for oxygen. The mouth guard must allow adequate space to breathe when worn.

Wearing a mouth guard is a great way to reduce the risk of your child damaging their teeth as they play sports. In order for it to be as effective as possible, however, it needs to be the right mouth guard. Take things like materials, comfort, and fit into account when choosing a mouth guard for your child, and remember to make sure that it’s recommended for the intensity of the sport being played.

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