Does my child have a tongue or lip tie?  Should I be concerned?

Jul 26, 2018

Have you noticed so many kids these days are being diagnosed with tongue and lip ties?

Do they really affect breastfeeding? Speech? A gap between the front teeth?  Why do they seem to be more prevalent lately? How can they be treated? These are all great questions!


What to do next-

There is a lot of confusion about lip and tongue ties. At Stellar Kids Dentistry, we help children and families every day.  We will evaluate and when appropriate use lasers for delicate surgical management. We find the laser to be most effective for this procedure for a few reasons.

  1. It has a faster healing time.
  2. There is a better success rate for the fibers not regrowing back together.
  3. It helps cauterize the area and makes for less bleeding.
  4. No stitches needed!


Do you have any questions?

Visit all Stellar Kids Dentistry locations for more information to help you wade through the facts and myths surrounding this topic.

~ Dr. Paul Kahlon