Common Signs of Tooth Decay in Children

Jun 16, 2022

Children have some of the most beautiful smiles. Part of that is because of their innocence. The other part is because primary teeth are typically whiter than permanent teeth. This is thanks to their greater levels of calcification. Still, despite their pearly white beauty, children can also be quite prone to tooth decay. So what signs should you be looking for as a parent?


You expect your child’s teeth to be white. That’s their natural color, after all. Not all whiteness is good when it comes to teeth, however. If you notice white spots on your child’s teeth, you may need to pay Dr. Lamba a visit. White spots on the teeth can be a sign of enamel breakdown, which can lead to sensitivity and the formation of cavities. If you see light brown spots, you may be looking at a cavity in its early stages. At later stages, it will progress to a darker brown or even black color.


Speaking of sensitivity and enamel breakdown, that’s another sign you should pay attention to. If your child complains of discomfort when eating hot or cold foods, it could be due to tooth decay. Sweets may also be a source of sensitivity. Sensitivity happens when enamel weakens and breaks down. As it thins and wears away, the more sensitive inner portions of the tooth become increasingly exposed. Make sure to mention any sensitivity your child experiences to Dr. Lamba at their next visit.

Localized Pain

Sometimes the symptoms of tooth decay are more localized than just general sensitivity. The pain may not even feel like it’s in the tooth. If your child is experiencing pain in the area around a tooth, or if the feelings are more severe than general sensitivity, they could be suffering from tooth decay. This is another symptom you should bring to Dr. Lamba’s attention at the next available opportunity.

Tooth decay is quite common in children, with about 20% of kids ages 2-5 having untreated cavities. Given its prevalence, make sure to keep an eye out for signs of tooth decay. It’s up to you to help them develop good dental hygiene habits and get them to their regular dental appointments. Success should lead to better oral health for your children throughout their lives.

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