Celebrate Earth Day with Stellar Kids Dentistry!

Apr 20, 2020

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 will mark the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. This year’s international theme is ‘Climate Action.’ Amazingly, we are already taking action against climate change simply by doing our part in helping stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

  • The current social distancing and travel restrictions have all resulted in helping slow the climate crisis!
  • With fewer people traveling by car and plane, the smog in Los Angeles has nearly vanished, revealing clear skies.
  • Given that fewer motorized boats are being used in the canals of Venice, Italy, ducks and other marine life have started to return to cleaner waters.
  • Around the world, animals are now being seen in areas they previously avoided due to human traffic.
  • Lions in Africa are lying in the road, and goats in Wales are also venturing into the streets.

Climate action can be a lot of fun! Here are some ideas for Earth Day crafts and projects for your kids to enjoy with items you already have at home. Here are some Stellar ideas.

Create an indoor garden

Help create a greener Earth both inside and outside of your home. Plant seeds in a teacup, put them by a bright window, and watch them grow. Better yet, use kitchen scraps to grow new fruits and vegetables, such as ginger or sweet potato. Here are some fun at-home gardening activities for your kids: https://kidsgardening.org/garden-activities-kitchen-scrap-gardening/


Upcycling, (aka creative reuse) is all about reusing discarded materials to make new and better stuff. Challenge your kids to repurpose an old or discarded object into a new treasure! Why not make a musical instrument, such as a drum or a shaker from an old milk carton and some bottle caps or paper towel rolls? Some other ideas for upcycling can be found here: https://handsonaswegrow.com/34-recyclables-to-upcycle-for-the-kids/

Go outside and make a nature journal.

Have your child draw a picture of the different leaves and trees they see outside or ask them to spot the different insects and animals they may encounter on a short nature walk.

Here are 50 other awesome Earth Day Activities for kids that can help keep them engaged: https://tinkerlab.com/fifty-earth-day-activities/. As a plus, many of these can even be done independently by your children to give you some well-needed time to yourself as well!

Join all of us at Stellar Kids Dentistry, as we come together with the World to celebrate our beautiful Earth and continue doing our part in its preservation.

How is your family celebrating Earth Day? Please share your videos and photos. With every post, Stellar Kids Dentistry will donate $10 to earthday.org to help support our environment. (also, donations can also be made directly at https://www.earthday.org/donate/)