5 Oral Hygiene Tips For Summer Vacation

Jun 9, 2021

Now that summer is just around the corner, you’re likely planning your next big family trip. At Stellar Kids Dentistry, we know how easy it is to break away from your dental routine on vacation. That’s why we have the right pediatric dentist in Everett, Mill Creek, and Mukilteo, Washington, to help your family maintain their oral health over summer break.

Encouraging children to brush and floss on vacation can be especially challenging. Here are a few tips to keep your little ones’ teeth healthy and cavity-free this summer:

Prepare an oral hygiene travel kit.

The best way to make sure your children brush their teeth on vacation is to keep the right kids’ toothbrush and oral hygiene essentials on hand. A well-packed kit that includes the must-haves — a toothbrush, dental floss, and mouthwash — ensures your family can stick to their normal oral health routine.

There’s no need to spring for a fancy toothbrush holder or pricey oral hygiene products. Simply store your children’s toothbrushes in separate plastic ziploc bags and take them out to dry when you arrive at your destination. Bacteria thrives on a wet toothbrush in an enclosed space.

If you have a child with extra dental appliances, such as a retainer, teeth grinding night guard, or sports mouth guard, remember to store those in a safe place that’s easy to access.

Maintain a dental routine.

Nothing is routine about going on vacation. Without the time constraints of work or school, many families bend the rules on bedtime, diet, screen time, and more. But one habit you should certainly keep up is brushing and flossing twice a day. 

Schedule a dental checkup.

Scheduling a checkup with your family’s kids’ dentist can help expose any potential dental concerns, such as tooth decay or a chipped tooth, before you leave for your trip. During this checkup, the pediatric dentist examines your child’s teeth and gums, takes digital X-rays, and performs a teeth cleaning.

Prepare for emergencies.

If a dental emergency forces you to pump the brakes on your family vacation, it’s always a good idea to have contact information handy for your kids’ dentist. It’s hard for parents to know which dental emergencies warrant a trip to the ER and which can wait until you get home. In case of emergency, the dentist can walk you through the best steps to take to protect your child’s oral health.

Try to eat healthy.

Vacation isn’t the best time to worry about your diet, but sweets, simple starches, sodas, and fruit juices can break down your little one’s tooth enamel and cause cavities. Along with regular brushing and flossing, consider packing some healthy snacks for your outings. Carrot sticks, celery, apples, and milk are all excellent snacks to reach for when you’re on vacation.

Before you leave for your next summer vacation, schedule a visit with a pediatric dentist at Stellar Kids Dentistry by phone or book an appointment online today!