As a parent, you also know that kids are constantly developing. Just when one phase ends, a new one is beginning. Here, pediatric dentists have the extra training to understand these changes.

Stellar Kids Dentistry staff are dedicated to working with every child in a different way, recognizing and respecting that all children are different and that each childhood development stage requires a different approach.

Infants and Toddlers

  • Are curious and perceptive.
  • Are rapidly developing their communication skills.
  • Are starting to develop a sense of independence.
  • Are still attached to their parents so parents are encouraged to remain with their child during appointments.
  • Should be helped by their dentist and parents to make brushing teeth be a part of the daily routine and help cavity prevention.
  • Are very likely to hurt their mouth and teeth when exploring the environment around them as their balance and coordination is just starting to develop.

Preschoolers (ages 3-6)

  • Go through enormous growth.
  • Have short attention span, are easily distracted, and move between fantasy and reality.
  • Are increasingly engaging in social interaction with other children, teachers, neighbors, etc.
  • Are looking for fun and reassurance every time they visit the dentist.
  • Pacifier and thumb habits often begin to fade.
  • The first adult molar may appear and some baby teeth are starting to fall.

School-age children

  • Experience growing self-control and independence.
  • Understand better what’s important and don’t always expect praise for doing something right.
  • Engage more responsibly in activities such as household chores, team sports, and close friendships.
  • Start taking control of their personal and oral hygiene and don’t require as much supervision from parents to brush their teeth.
  • Most primary teeth are lost at this stage and are replaced with permanent teeth.
  • Might present signs of future orthodontic needs and you should see your pediatric dentist if you have any concerns about this.


  • Go through a lot of confusion at this age, both physical and emotional, and need as much support as they can get.
  • Have an intense and complicated sense of self-identity that can reflect in a deep self-consciousness.
  • Build long-lasting and strong relationships and peer relationships are central.
  • Display increasing independence which Stellar Kids Dentistry staff have learned to recognize and respect.

Stellar Kids Dentistry pediatric dentists are experienced at building rapport which allows them to continue to emphasize the importance of daily dental care to a teenager’s health and self-esteem.

Mouth guards may be necessary for athletic kids and when the final orthodontic treatment is completed.

Stellar Kids Dentistry takes all these differences between ages into account when providing pediatric dentistry services and suggesting a treatment plan for your child, so you are assured that they get age-appropriate oral care.

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