When you visit Stellar Kids Dentistry, you can also have your child’s orthodontic needs assessed and attended to right there, without having to travel to a different clinic.

On-site orthodontic services means less time spent traveling to different locations and less stress for your child who doesn’t have to get to know a new dentist.

Interceptive orthodontic treatment is applied early on and the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child receive an initial orthodontic evaluation either by age 7 or if signs of orthodontic problems are present. Orthodontic treatment can help create room for crowded, erupting teeth, make space for teeth that haven’t erupted, and reduce the need for tooth removal. And when applied early, orthodontic treatment helps to reduce overall orthodontic treatment time.

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment can correct a wide variety of orthodontic problems in children. Typically, braces are applied to correct missalignment and results in a healthy, straight smile. Orthodontic treatment time depends on the degree of misalignment and patient compliance (wearing the rubber bands, utilizing a retainer). Usually, most patients can expect their comprehensive orthodontic treatment to last for 2 years.

Stellar Kids Dentistry offers interceptive and comprehensive orthodontics at the Mukilteo office.